Why Buy a Duplex in Calgary Right Now

Duplex Calgary If you’re even considering buying a home in Calgary, there are several things that could easily sway your decision in favour of a duplex.


The first reason why you should buy a duplex is that a duplex is not only more affordable than a traditional single-family home, but sometimes includes the same amount of space, often making it a great deal for first-time buyers.

Extra income

If you choose to live in one side of the duplex and rent out the other side, you could also bring in another source of income. This could mean help with traditional monthly expenses or simply paying down your mortgage faster, reducing your interest payments and boosting the equity you hold in the property.

You may even choose to hang on to the property should you ever move out yourself, giving you the option of renting out both sides for double the rental income. 

New options

Even if you don’t want to rent out the property, you could also use a duplex to move in a friend or family member who needs privacy, yet the comfort of living close to someone they know and depend on.



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