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The Kitchen

Cost $20,000-$50,000 ROI 75-90%

      The Kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home. This is where all the action happens and where family and friends gather over food and great conversation. One of the best ways to facilitate fantastic memories is to have a functional kitchen with a proper layout. When designing your kitchen you should consider a couple of things right off the bat. Like where all the food prep will take place, the overall look (classic or modern), colors and finishes (back splash, soft close, pulls/knobs, glass inserts etc.)


     Kitchen designers refer to the perfect layout space as the prep triangle. You want to be able to take your food from the fridge and place it on your prep surface, then

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When I was younger it was a bit of a Sunday ritual to go around with the family and see some of the new show homes in the area. I loved going through and finding all the latest gadgets that came with the home. There was always some new design idea being put into practice and new floor layout that was the latest and greatest. One thing that always stood out in my mind was the people that had their offices set up in the garage. I always thought that the garage looked so nice all finished up and that one day I'd love to have one just like that.

Now that I'm a realtor I've come to realize that those sales people are actually representatives of the builder and my not have your best interests at heart. Have you ever tired to negotiate with a sales a person

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Calgary Real Estate Tips I'm sure by now you have herd about the new Canadian mortgage rules that are coming out on January 1 2018. People are now going to have to "stress test" at a higher interest rate, roughly 2% higher then the contract rate, regardless of whether or not they're putting down 20%.

What this will mean is that people will have their buying power cut by between 19-21%!! That's a very significant number. We've been doing some checking and digging with our mortgage brokers and they've confirmed it. Someone who could purchase $500,000 before can now only purchase $395,000!!!

This will take effect January 1 2018 and you need to have an accepted offer by December 31st 2017!!!!! So please if you were on the fence about buying and or selling please talk with your

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Calgary Housing MarketThe end of the year is on track to follow a familiar track as previous months when it comes to Calgary’s housing market. Despite a strong start at the beginning of the year, the market appears to be cooling off, with October ending much the same as September.

A monthly report from the Calgary Real Estate Board shows the month of October delivered rising inventories and slowing sales. As well, there was also a slight decrease for the benchmark price for the month. That’s in line with the same results produced in September of this year.

According to some experts, while economic activity is on the upswing, it hasn’t helped with housing market growth just yet. Other factors such as changes to lending policy and higher lending rates have perhaps also had a

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Dream HomeIn today's economy saving every penny helps and can go a long way to getting that dream home you've always wanted. There are more ways then just the following tips on how to save money while purchasing your home. But this is a good start on how to save thousands with your next home purchase.

1. Have your Realtor perform a price comparison

In other words, make sure your realtor is comparing the property you're interested in with those that have sold in the area recently. Sometimes listings are over priced in hopes that when they get offers, it's closer to their "bottom price". You never want to offer more then the home is actually worth if you can get it for cheaper down the street. 

2.Get a Home Inspection

By getting a home inspection you can

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Duplex Calgary If you’re even considering buying a home in Calgary, there are several things that could easily sway your decision in favour of a duplex.


The first reason why you should buy a duplex is that a duplex is not only more affordable than a traditional single-family home, but sometimes includes the same amount of space, often making it a great deal for first-time buyers.

Extra income

If you choose to live in one side of the duplex and rent out the other side, you could also bring in another source of income. This could mean help with traditional monthly expenses or simply paying down your mortgage faster, reducing your interest payments and boosting the equity you hold in the property.

You may even choose to hang on to the property

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Condo Regulations AlbertaNewly detailed regulations translate to an extra layer of protection for buyers of new condos in Alberta. Passed a few years ago, but now getting ready to go into effect, the rules mean condo developers have to spell out more information to potential buyers in their contracts.

The rules call for providing things like floor plans in the contract so there’s a better understanding of future condo fees in the future. The new rules also call for providing a final move-in date so that buyers would then have some room to cancel or renegotiate if that date isn’t met.

In addition, the new regulations give the government more power to fine developers if necessary, or at least to investigate certain offenses. A majority of the new regulations begin January 1,

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Calgary Halloween 2017Halloween is right around the corner and that means it’s time to start planning out not only the big night, but also some of the days leading up to Halloween. We’ve uncovered three of the best Halloween events in Calgary this year.

Ghouls’ Night Out- Heritage Park

The first is a long-standing tradition for the younger crowd at Heritage Park. The annual Ghouls’ Night Out is aimed at those with kids ages nine and younger in search of a fun and safe place to take the kids for some Halloween fun. The event runs from October 26-29 and is free for those ages two and under.

Hollywood Horror- Rocky Ridge

If you’re in search of a slightly more frightening experience, don’t miss out on Hollywood Horror in Rocky Ridge. The event is this year’s attraction

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Calgary ViewsOne of the best ways to experience sweeping views of Calgary is from atop any of the citys stunning condo towers. Three specific locations supply some of the best scenery there is.

Evolution Calgary

Rising up 31 storeys, Evolution sits right in downtown, with generous views of the surrounding area. Found in the East Village, the three-phase project includes walls of windows and enviable private outdoor space.

Verve Calgary

Meanwhile, a rooftop terrace and lounge provide the perfect setting for admiring the views from the Verve Condominiums. The 25-storey high-rise also includes a six-storey podium, with sensational views from the large windows looking out upon the city and the nearby river.

Solaire Calgary

In comparison, the Solaire

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Buying a Home in Calgary In case you haven't heard, buying a home in Calgary next year could soon be significantly less affordable, meaning first time home buyers need to act fast if they want to secure a home loan before the turn of the calendar. So, if you’re in the market to buy your first home in Calgary, we have a few quick tips to put you on the right track.

Get pre-approved

The first thing you’ll need to do is to get pre-approved for a mortgage. This is especially important for your first home because it helps narrow down what you feel comfortable with spending each month, and what you qualify for.

Know the extra costs

Another tip is to make sure you fully understand what goes into owning a home each month in addition to the mortgage payment. This could include

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