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Calgary's Best Neighbourhoods

Avenue Magazine publishes its list of the best Calgary Neighbourhoods based on their survey of their reader's preferences. The factors they cite as being key are low crime, good commute times and pedestrian-friendliness. "Pedestrian friendliness" is one of the strangest since very few people actually walk anywhere these days.

Judging the best neighbourhood in the city is really a subjective matter. A good many people love the parks around the city and what is the value of a view of the mountains? This wasn't even included in the survey. I think those who live west of Sarcee Trail and those in the NW section of the city such as Tuscany, Citadel, Rocky Ridge, Royal Oak, Silver Springs and Hawkwood who will tell you they

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With the rest of Canada's economy held down in part by the Federal Government's ill-timed suppression of the real estate market, Alberta is strong enough to withstand it.  Although new listings dropped by 13% in December 2012 compared to December 2011, sales actually rose 6%. The average home sold for $429,000, up more than $19,000 from last year.

“Calgary’s housing market has finally started to recover,” said Ann-Marie Lurie, CREB®’s chief economist. “While prices remain shy of the highs recorded in 2007, this is a move in the right direction.”

Overall sales for 2012 was up 15%. The energy sector and rising in migration to Calgary are cited as the main factors for this amazing growth. Buyers are looking at the longer term when buying properties, but

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Xmas 2012 and people are feeling good this year. There will be some nice gifts this holiday season but a few will be exceptionally nice. How would a new home go over with your special other? There's no doubt some people are buying homes as a Xmas gift somewhere. Spring's not far off, so let's get started on your new year's home hunt now.

Calgary's Highest Price Properties

And while we're on the topic of exceptional, what do you think are the most expensive Calgary luxury homes on the market these days?  There are 314 million dollar homes on the market right now. You can see those over one million dollars. The most expensive luxury home is asking $11.8 million dollars and is located near downtown in Crescent Heights. It offers excellent views of the

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Calgary resale market remains in balance
Inventories continue to fall, but sales growth eases to keep market stable

Calgary, Dec. 3, 2012 – Residential sales in the City of Calgary have increased by 15 per cent on a year-to-date basis, and were up 8-per-cent in November compared to the same month in 2011.

Nearly eight consecutive months of double-digit, year-over-year sales growth has caused inventory levels to decline because new listings have not kept up.  However, the ratio between sales and inventory indicates the market remains in balanced territory.

“With fewer inventories in the market, consumers are eager to view new listings and if consumers see value they will buy,” said Bob Jablonski, CREB® President. “However, the market is not…
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When Will the Calgary Market Really Catch Fire?

It’s been a strong year for real estate sales with a 23% increase over October 2011. Calgary’s market is outperforming any other markets and is on the opposite sales end compared to the rest of the country.

CREB® President Bob Jablonski says “Relative to national trends, we continue to move in the opposite direction, recording both sales and price growth. However, despite the higher than anticipated sales growth this year our market is not overheating, simply returning to levels consistent with long term trends and prices still have not fully recovered after the last recession.”

That’s nice to know except it doesn’t reveal how last year’s sales were actually pretty good too. The Calgary market has been

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Here's the latest CREB MLS sales stats for November 2012.

November was a good month for MLS sales in the Calgary region overall with a 7% increase over October 2012. And that was despite a 7.41% drop in listings on the CREB MLS system. It appears sellers are taking their homes off the market and waiting for a better time to sell. Of course, fall and winter normally has declines in properties for sale.

Prices Rise

The average MLS sold price rose 4.5% to almost $411,000 which is up $17,000 from October.  Homes are selling a little faster, down to an average of 50 days before selling. 

For single detached homes, sales were similar to last month, yet the average price sold was up by about $13,000. Days on market before being sold fell to an average 46

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Calgary will be Canada's economic leader in 2013.  With oil prices remaining high, strong population growth, and a US economy that's beginning to recover, the Alberta economy and Calgary housing outlook is looking very bright. Although the market remains a little flat with prices having dropped a little, mortgage rates are forecast to remain low, home buyers in Calgary will be ready to buy in 2013. 

According to the Calgary Chamber of Commerce's chief economist Ben Brunnen and economic analyst Priyanka Karuvelil, “Calgary will close out 2012 with four to 4.2 per cent GDP growth and, looking ahead, provided the global economy remains stable, all indicators suggest that Calgary will be one of the economic leaders of the country, experiencing growth in the

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For those who grew up in Calgary, the name Mount Royal is synonymous with wealth, prestige, and privilege. Mount Royal is Calgary's "old money" community where you'll find plenty of million dollar homes. It's rated as one of the wealthiest neighbourhoods in Canada with a median income of $145,104.

Mount Royal is separated into two distinct neighbourhoods by an escarpment that rises to the north. Thus the communities of Upper Mount Royal and Mount Royal were created. Upper Mount Royal offers the great views and there are over 215 homes there. If you're seeking a million dollar home in an established prestigious neighbourhood, Mount Royal has a distinct atmosphere you might like. An ideal location close to downtown Calgary and a short commute up 14th St

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Although most homebuyers enjoy a whimsical look at multi million dollar homes in Calgary's MLS listings, a small group of buyers is taking them a lot more seriously. These properties could be their new home, or they might just be a key investment. Are million dollar homes a good investment? Yes.

The luxury home buyer is more emotional and hard headed than homebuyers looking for homes in the lower price ranges. Wealthy buyers expect much more from a home, from lot size, to rooms to views and luxury amenities. They might want big lots with mountain views, huge pools, gourmet kitchens, huge floor space, the latest high technology, wine cellars, luxury master bathrooms, hot tubs/whirlpools, entertainment centers, multicar garages, waterfront location, and

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As I mentioned in this early October housing report for Calgary, sales and prices are fine. The market has softened due to the new mortgage rules, but full time employment has grown strong over the last 2 months. The Flaherty government came out with another warning/threat regarding Canadian consumer debt loads recently. That was a country-wide story but no mention of Calgary's market specifically. The measure is the ability to pay those debts (mortgages too) and although Calgarians might be well indebted too, full time employment and good family income here is well able to handle that debt.

With immigration to the city so strong now and with oil prices very stable, and the global economy reasonably stable, the likelihood of a housing bubble are

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